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Professionel photographer - photos for your magazine, web-site  or company

Your company is beeing taken seriously when you are using professional photos.


Photographer with high standarts and compepetitable prices.

I'm catching the moment and communicating the message of your company in creative photos.

Solid crafts that costs less than a Rolls Royce. Professional photographs makes a huge difference.

Anyone can easyly see if your photos have been captured with your mobile on the go, or it is a skilled photographer who has done the work for you.

I deliver photos of high quality whether it's photos of products, portraits of employees, management or pictures of a company event/reception.... amd all images are delivered in various formats for web and print.


It pays off to have a professional visual identity. Your clients and partners gains higher confidence in you when your website and other PR-material radiates from the same high standarts as your products or skilles.

Take a tour among my pictures at the website to se how I'm delivering the message vis photography. Contact me for a dialoque about how I help you in the best way.

I am a photojournalist with more than 30 years of experience and my camera have been directed towards everything from the Queen to the suffering people living on the streets. I cover the company from the CEO office to the production hall.

Before I bring out the camera, I have done the priliminary and know the story you want to tell through the pictures.


How is the price on professional photograhy?

Well no... it's not prohibitively expensive to hyre a professional photographer. The task and the extend determinates wheter a fixed price or a price based on hours is the best way for you. Many of my clients find me to be a fair price especially when they recieve the high quality they expect and often more.

It doesn't really cost the sum of a Rolls Royce to get the right images that gives you a high return of investment.

Contact me and get a price for the job you need me to do for you.


How I work as a photographer!


Some times you can visualize the perfect image before you call a freelance photographer and sometimes it's more blurery. It's important for you the photographer early gets the right idea about the direction for the right images. A former editorial chief sad that one of my strengths is he could throw me out with a parashoote and know that usefull images would be accessable within the hour.

I'm experienced, skilled and is allways delivering high craftmanship.

Sometimes you'll need a photographer to do an asignment here and now. It can be anything from receptions, press meetings, events and a lot more. As a photojournalist I'm used to move quickly, be on the spot and deliver high quality photos within a short deadline.

At other times it's about proffesional photographing for longer projects. Maybe you need a new website, updating visual communication within your company with new series of present photos. Maybe you need a feature story from your company for intern communication or for press material.

Nomatter what you need to get photographed I'll find the best motiv and the sharpest angel on your story. As a photographer I think visualy while others get deeper in content of strategy or number in financial accounting.

I'm often told that people can relax when I work on taking their portraits. It can be a matter of trust to ask you employees to be photographed. Working with an educated experienced photographer the visual expression is of a high quality, uniformity and help to signal greatness and high standarts.

As a photographer I work all over Copenhagen, Sealand, Bangkok and the rest of the world. I'm comming to where you are and participating in your events.

Contact me to hear about I can professionally photograph your events or make a feature story in your company.